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Woodstock Boutique began as a Christmas nativity project for the holiday season. The inspiration came from our Grandpa Otto who challenged us to make a nativity stable from his stockpile of old barn wood. You see, Otto had planned to build projects with his stock of wood when he sold his apple orchard and finally retired. However, Otto had a rare form of glaucoma and went blind soon after he retired. Otto approved of our nativity stable, so we decided to make them as gifts for our family and friends.

Building with Grandpa Otto's stockpile of old barn wood inspired us to create other rustic decorations and ideas, hence - Woodstock Boutique - was born.

In Northern Minnesota, we have a family friend who is an specialty horse logger. He practices sustainable logging by selectively cutting trees and using horses to pull trees from the forest. Most of our woodland creations are built from his wood to create our log home decor and lake home decor.

Grandpa Otto's nativity stables were our first creation and still our most popular product during the Holiday season. New rustic decorations are continually being created and tested. Check back often to see what new rustic decorating ideas we come up with.

Give us your feedback, we love to hear from you, and always welcome your comments, contact us at - info@woodstockboutique.com